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Early name for Tokoiti




Northern headland at mouth of Catlins River

Maori name ‘Otara’.  Narrow neck of land could not be seen from sea, misled whalers who thought was an island

Ferry, The

Early name for north side of Clutha River where travellers would be ferried across.  The town of Balclutha was to grow from here

 The Fery c1870

‘The Ferry’ c1870

(ferry pole still visible

in front of Balclutha Hotel) 


Two miles south of Balclutha and site of South Otago Freezing Works.

Name given by John SHAW, early landholder, reminiscent of his home in the Highlands of Scotland

Fisherman’s Hill

High ground south of Karoro stream above Willsher Bay

Maori name ‘Taita’ after a Maori boy who died there.  Also called ‘Taukohu’ (1844)

Fleming River

Small river flowing into estuary of Tautuku River.

Named after Hon DT FLEMING who accompanied J MacKENZIE and Sir T MacKENZIE on visits to Catlins

Florence Hill

Prominent hill between Papatowai and Tautuku affording stunning view of Tautuku Bay


Four Mile Creek

Small creek that runs across Main South Road at foot of a steep hill – tributary of Toiro Stream.

Reputed by waggoners to be 4 miles west of Clutha Ferry.

Fraser’s Stream

Rises near Taratu and flows through Lovells Flat into Lake Tuakitoto

Named after early settlers in district

Freston Hill

Hill on seaward side on Tunnel Hill, Glenomaru/Otekura district

Origin of name unknown

Gabriels Gully

3km from Lawrence

Australian prospector, Gabriel READ discovered gold in the valley on 20 May 1861, beginning the Otago Gold Rush


Name from run around head of Puerua River



Run near Warepa

Named by Robert CAMPBELL after village at head of Loch Lomond, Scotland


Alternative name for ‘Scotsman’s Bonnet’

Named by McLATCHIE family





16km from Milton

Seaside settlement originally named ‘Glen Lady’ by daughter of Rev DEWES


District and old railway station, 12 mls from Balclutha on Owaka Highway.  Also stream that flows into Puerua

Name is hybrid – Scottish ‘Glen’ and Maori ‘O-Maru’.  Maru was Ngaitahu chief


District on Lawrence and Central Otago highway, 8km from Milton

Name as that of property of early settler, CAMERON.  Originally known as The Woolshed


District up north side of Clutha River , 26km from Balclutha

Named after Greenfield Estate, which was named such by runholder James G SMITH, 1865.  Run was covered with native tussock grass except one small paddock sown with English grass seed.  Former name of run was Riverbank

Guernsey Hill

Hill in Waitepeka district

Early settler A QUERTIER, born on Guernsey Island brought Guernsey cattle with them to farm

Hay’s Cap

Originally a gap between a large rock and the mainland through which beach road ran, between Kaka Point and The Nuggets

Named after early settler, George HAY.  Maori name ‘Puni-wai-torika’ after Maori woman who was killed there in tribal fighting

Hayward Point

Southern headland at Catlins River estuary.

Cptn HAYWARD was harbourmaster at Catlins and was drowned at Long Point along with son Frank and W WILSON in 1887


District south of Milton

Named after wife of John HARDY, Provincial Secretary 1861-62 and early settler


High ground between Lovells Flat and Clutha River, 17km from Balclutha

Description name given by surveyors, to run held by MAITLAND brothers in 1860’s ‘Pukepito’ is same name in Maori i.e.  ‘puke’ – a hill, ‘pito’ – end. 


District on SE shore of Catlins Lake 5km from Owaka

Hinahina is name of native tree – or whitey wood (Melicytus remiflorus)

Hinahina Hill

Hill between Catlins Lake and the coast



District and old railway station 10km from Owaka

‘Houi’ name for native tree Hoheria populnea (Ribbonwood) ‘papa’ flat


River near Chaslands

Means ‘roasting spit for fish’

Hunt’s Road

Old railway station on Catlin’s River line, 5km nth of Owaka

Named after George HUNT, early settler. 

Inch Clutha/


Land between Matau and Koau branches of Clutha River, 1km from Stirling

Maori name ‘Tauhinu’ a native shrub (Pomaderris phylicaefolia).  Early settlers knew it as ‘Bloody Jack’s Island’ after Tuhawaiki who was born there


Between Balclutha and Finegand, alongside Clutha River



Old Maori name for sandy flat below where the Clutha River divides at Balclutha.

‘Katea’ is whitened, ‘Iwi’ is bone in reference to bleached bones lying about after tribal fight.


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