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Adam’s Flat

Small flat 14km south of Milton

Named after landowner, James ADAM.  Became prominent when gold discovered

Ahuriri/Ahuriri Flat

Rural district between Glenomaru and Otekura; the valley through which the Karoro stream flows.

Named after Ngaitahu chief, Tauhuriri

Ajax Hill

2290ft high, situated at headwaters of Maclennan River.



District 21km E of Milton

‘Aka’ harbour, ‘torea’ several kind of wading bird

Albert Downs

Early estate in Kaihiku district


Alberts Cap

Small hill near old railway line between Kaihiku and Waiwera

Name first appears on Kettle’s map of 1847 as ‘Albert’s Hat.  Reference to Prince Albert (Queen Victoria’s husband)

Anise Hill

South side of Pomahaka River opposite to where Rankleburn flows from the north.

Names after native aniseed plant.


Railway station near Otago-Southland boundary

Named after a Mr ARTHUR, traffic manager c1878

Ashley Downs

Name from an estate near Waiwera, 10km from Clinton

Named by James GIBSON, early landowner in honour of orphanage operated by Dr George MULLER and/or home of James MULLER of Bristol

Awakia Stream

Between Waiwera Cone and Kuriwao Peak

Also known as Marshall’s Creek after Matthew MARSHALL who had hut there c1865


Old Maori name for Kuriwao Stream

Maori meaning ‘Sparrow-hawk Stream’

Awakiki Bush

Early settlement near Puerua

Sometimes referred to as Awariri 


District 16km up river from Balclutha, situated on small creek called Black Burn (or Dull Burn)

‘Awa’ valley or stream

‘Mangu’ is black


3 miles east of Purekireki, 23km from Owaka, head of Puerua Valley

‘Tea’ white or clear ‘Awa’ river, or ‘broad daylight, middle of the day’

Back Stream

Tributary of Pomahaka River



Ferry passing Balclutha c1910

SS Clyde passing Balclutha c1910

Town at centre of Clutha district, 85km from Dunedin

Also known as ‘Iwikatea’, ‘Clutha Ferry’ and ‘McNeill’s Ferry’ (Post Office name changed to Balclutha in 1865)

Name is gaelic for the Clyde, Bal is town




Balloon loop in the Matau branch of Clutha River near Kaitangata

Was site of Ngaitahu pa known as ‘Katore-e-kinau’

Barratta Creek

Small tributary creek emptying into Puerua River at Port Molyneux

Presumed correct spelling ‘Brada’, perhaps a Welsh name (most names of streets in old Port Molyneux township were Welsh


District and settlement 53km from Milton on Clarkesville-Alexandra Highway  Also Beaumont River.  Early alternative name, given by surveyor CW ADAMS of Dunkeld

Named after Bowmont Burn, Scottish border name, probably given by THOMSON and GARVIE in 1857. 

Begg’s Beach


Beach on north side of Clutha River c14km upstream from Balclutha

Begg's Beach

Begg’s Beach, Clutha River


Near Lovells Flat.

Originally Bellenys, this name was given by Edmund BOWLER after his sister’s estate in Ireland


Village about two miles north of Stirling.

Site of old McSkimming’s Pottery Works.  Named after village near Airdrie in Scotland.

Big Mill

Hina Hina, Catlins. 

Started by Guthrie and Larnach in 1871, the Big Mill was situated near the site of the present Yacht Club


11km from Balclutha, was a post office between Stony Creek and Hillend (sometimes called Hillend or Lower Hillend)

Named after early settler in district

Black Cleugh

Creek flowing out of Blue Mountains easterly into Clutha River.

Maori name was ‘Kowai’

Blowhole, The

South of Jack’s Bay


Blue Mountains

Dividing range between the Clutha and Pomahaka Rivers.  First appears on maps as Mount Valpy


Blue Spur

5km from Lawrence



Bonnet, The

Also known as ‘Scotman’s Bonnet’.  About 2 miles down the Owaka River from Tahatika

Prominent rock with trees on it resembling a Scotman’s bonnet. 

Bowlers Creek

8km from Tuapeka

Named after miner, of DAVEY and BOWLER, first owner of Bellamys station

Brown Dome

Mountain at head of Owaka Valley , behind Kaihiku Range

Head of Waiwera River

Bull Creek

District and strip of coast 11 miles E of Milton

One version say named derives  from activities of wild bull in early days, other as named after Robert O’NEILL an ex-whaler of great strength aka John BULL.  Maori name ‘Moanariri’

Burning Plains

Seam of lignite coal in Pomahaka district which has been burning since Maori times

‘Te Ahiaue’ is Maori name – ‘aue’ is fire

Burnt Flat




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