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The “Great Flood”

15 October 1878


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What is the Master Index?

The Master Index is a simple index made up of our computerised branch indexes containing local material, books and other collections unique to the branch.  It is made up of three columns – Surname, Forename/s and Name of Index held by branch.


Is this the same as the Master Index held on the branch computer?

No.  This version is simplified, however it should be able to assist you in taking your research further.  All other items like place names etc have been removed leaving only personal names.  


What branch resources are on this Master Index?

Only local material and collections unique to the branch are on this index.  Not all our local resources are added as yet.  This project is ongoing with indexes being continually added at the branch level.  We will endeavour to update this web version regularly.  CLICK HERE for a list of indexes added to date.


How Do I Use the Master Index?

This index is surname based.  When you are ready to search, follow the link at the top of this page.  This will take you to the A to Z links.  Click on the appropriate letter/s which the surname begins with.  A new window will open.  Simply move down the page to the surname you are looking for.  There are often several entries for the one name as all indexes in which that name is found is listed.  Make certain you try spelling alternatives, being careful particularly in Mc/Mac. 


How Can I Get the Full Details of Information on Index?

We welcome queries and look-ups.  Contact us at

Please list details as found on the index in the body of your email.

Post and copying costs will be applied as incurred, and a small donation is very welcome.




Indexes On the Master Index


Allanton Cemetery to May 1980

Balclutha Burials 1912-1992

Balclutha Old Cemetery (Memorial Inscriptions)

Beaumont Cemetery to 1973

Chaslands (Heathfield) Cemetery to August 2001

Clarendon Cemetery to 1972

Clinton Cemetery to 2011

Crookston Cemetery

Ettrick Cemetery to 1973

Glenore Cemetery to 1991

Heathfield (Chaslands) Cemetery to August 2001

Kaik Cemetery to 1974

Kaitangata Northern Cemetery to November 1972

Kaitangata Old Cemetery to September 1972

Millers Flat Cemetery to April 1973

Milton (Fairfax) Cemetery to 1990

Milton (St John’s) Cemetery to 1990

Nevis Cemetery to 1974

Otokia Cemetery to July 1972

Owaka Cemetery to September 2001

Papatowai Cemetery to September 2001

Port Molyneux Cemetery to March 1972

Purekireki Cemetery to September 2001

Ratanui Cemetery to August 2001

Romahapa Cemetery to August 2005

Taieri Beach Cemetery headstones to 1979, burials to 2011

Tapanui Cemetery

Tuapeka Mouth Cemetery to May 1972

Waipori Cemetery to 1974

Waitahuna Cemetery to 2011

Wangaloa Cemetery to 1972

Warepa Cemetery


School APW’s

Awamunga School APW 1907-1938

Clydevale School APW 1898-1938

Greenfield School APW 1908-1938

Kaihiku School APW 1875-1930

Owaka School APW 1875 to 1922

Otanomomo/Paretai School APW 1914-1930

Popotunoa School APW 1895 to 1937

Puketi School APW 1913 to 1938

Purekireki School APW 1885 to 1925

Ratanui School APW 1889 to 1920

Tahatika School APW 1903 to 1923

Tarara School APW 1884 to 1919

Tawanui School APW 1907 to 1920

Tokoiti School Reunion List

Waitepeka School APW 1871 to Sep 1927


Local Histories

Balclutha Borough Diamond Jubilee (1870-1930)

Balclutha Gold Club Anniversary

Balclutha Public School 65th Anniversary (1865-1931)

Beyond the Blue Mountains

Blue Spur Centennial (1861-1961)

Catlins Pioneering

Catlins Rail 1878-1971

Catlins River Wisp Run

Corner of the Catlins

Faith and Toil – the story of Tokomairiro district

Faith of our Fathers

Fifty Years of SOCOLD (South Otago Freezing Company)

From the Days of our Glory (Waiwera and district)

Full Circle (Owaka & District Schools)

Further Memories of Early Kaitangata

Greenfield Pioneers by L E Smith

Henley, Taieri Ferry & Otokia

History of Te Houka

In the Crook of the Clutha

Kaitangata History

Landmark – a Century at Clinton

Lawrence District High School & Consolidated School Centennial (1864-1964)

Lovells Flat 1854-1975

Lovells Flat and Tuakitoto Schools History

Maori and Settlers in South Otago

Memories of Early Kaitangata

Our Heritage – Tokomairiro Presbyterians Church

Pioneering in South Otago by F Waite (published for Otago Centennial 1948)

Pounawea by A R Tyrrell

Reminiscences of the Early Settlement of Dunedin and South Otago by John Wilson published c1912

Schools by the Seaside – 125 Years of Port Molyneux School and the schools consolidated on it – Reomoana and The Nuggets

Surat (ship)

Te Houka, History of

The Inch – Inch Clutha and Stirling

The Mist of Time (Romahapa) – by Ethel U McLaren (1989)

The Two Posts – Puerua and Waitepeka by Ethel U McLaren (1996)

Those Were the Days – memories of Catlins residents

Tuakitoto and Lovells Flat Schools

Tuapeka – The Land and its People

Waipori Centennial

Warepa School, The First 70 Years (1858-1928)


Family Histories

AYSON family - Looking Back, Glenshee to Otago

BEGG, Family of Adam and Isabella


MacDONELL Family

PATERSON, Life of William

ROBINSONS of Moneymore


Tang of the Bush – Story of Robert McLATCHIE – 1875-1963 by Kathleen Keene

Miscellaneous Indexes

First Families – We have recently begun compiling a collection of first families to South Otago from the early days of settlement with not cut off date.  If you would like to contribute please download the form at right (two files – front 107kb, back 115kb).    First Families Register form front.pdf      First Families Register form back.pdf

Clutha Leader – This index is not complete, nor has a beginning date and end date.  This is made up of entries found in the Clutha Leader which the branch has on microfilm, recording any births, death, marriages, obituaries and other items of local interest that are come across in the process of doing branch research queries and other work.  Lucky dip!! 

Miscellaneous Collection of Vital Records as at 25 March 2006 – This collection is unique to the branch.

NZSG Balclutha Branch Newsletters – The branch has been publishing eleven newsletters a year since February 2003 and these have been indexed.

Photo Collection – This digital photo collection is steadily growing - contributions welcomed.

Scrapbook Collection – Mostly newspaper cuttings


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 The Genealogist’s Diet –

Fiche and Ships topped with tantalising sources



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